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M U H I M B I L I   M E D I C A L   R E S E A R C H   C E N T R E

National Institute for Medical Research

Muhimbili Medical Research Centre




The main functions of procurement management unit includes:

  • 01. Manage all procurement and disposal by tender activities of the procuring entity except adjudication and the award of contract.
  • 02. Support the functioning of the tender board
  • 03. Implement the decisions of the tender board
  • 04. Act as the secretariat to the tender board
  • 05. Plan the Procurement and disposal by tender activities of the procuring entity
  • 06. Recommend Procurement and disposal by tender procedures
  • 07. Check and prepare statements of requirements
  • 08. Prepare tendering documents
  • 09. Prepare advertisements of tender opportunities
  • 10. Prepare contract documents
  • 11. Issue approved contract documents
  • 12. Maintain and archive records of the Procurement and disposal process
  • 13. Maintain a list or register of all contracts awarded
  • 14. Prepare monthly reports for the tender board
  • 15. Prepare and submit to the management meeting quarterly reports on the implementation of the annual Procurement plan
  • 16. Co-ordinate the Procurement and disposal activities of all the departments of the procuring entity
  • 17. Prepare other report as many be required from time to time.