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M U H I M B I L I   M E D I C A L   R E S E A R C H   C E N T R E

National Institute for Medical Research

Muhimbili Medical Research Centre

Monitoring and Control

Monitoring and Control

Monitoring and Control Department

Muhimbili Medical Research Centre, has developed strategic and action plan that gear programmes and projects evolved together with the planned development system. From the very outset, efforts have been made to make the monitoring and Control department more scientific, effective, practical, and useful. In this context, Monitoring and Control (M&C) department represents the effort of the NIMR-Muhmbili to carry out a regular and systematic monitoring and evaluation that keep track of inputs, activities, processes, outputs, outcomes and impacts of programmes/projects being implemented at the centre to make sure that decision, processes and policy formulation processes are evidence-based after being provided with relevant data, information, and feedback.

As such the department is mandated to provide continuous management of projects to assess if progress is made in achieving expected results, to spot bottlenecks in implementation, and to highlight whether there are any unintended effects (positive or negative) from an investment plan, programme or project (“project/plan”) and its activities.

Our department uses multiple strategies to address goals and targets of the projects, and it has a key role to play in the successful implementation of plans, policies, programmes and projects which constitute the backbone of national development.

The responsibilities of the M&C department include:

  • 01. Management, organization and use of monitoring and control systems and NIMR-Muhimbili strategic plans to monitor and control project/programs activities.
  • 02. Understanding and analysing program/project’s activities.
  • 03. Articulate program/project’s goals and measurable short, medium and long-term targets
  • 04. Define relationships among inputs, activities, outputs and outcomes
  • 05. Assess how activities will lead to desired outcomes and impacts.
  • 06. Documents progress of project goals and effectiveness or ineffectiveness of various strategies in producing this progress, including documenting strength and weakness of the project
  • 07. Provide report with advice and recommendation on the way forward
  • 08. Assurance of the continuity of the monitoring and control systems and NIMR-Muhimbili strategic plans, and integration and connectivity with other monitoring systems and the whole NIMR strategic plans.